Our Path/Calling (by fuzzyjayling)

We have a thought-form for it that describes it best, but I put it recently into these words: Our path/calling that bridges the worlds for the sake of learning, healing, and action. A phrase I came up with in our own language that describes it might be “fuelu alulia” (foo-EL-oo ah-LOO-lee-ah), which means something like “harmony dream/otherworld”.

It is, to put it most simply, a practice that involves taking mind-journeys to another world, engaging the beings there for wisdom/healing/etc, and bringing the benefit of that back to this world when possible. One might reasonably call this a type of “neo-shamanism”, but I think that some of the baggage of that term is inappropriate, as well as not being entirely accurate. Thus the new terms.

An open part of that practice is channeling. That means that the inhabitants of that world, select ones we trust most, are given the right to visit here through this body and do their things. Again, healing, experiencing this world, etc, while the others spend time there more fully.

Lastly but not least, I am a pagan. “Energy” is a thing to me, and runs through and around everything. The Earth is sacred. All things have spirit, and are sacred. I help a deity-concept I call “Mom”. She is sort of an avatar for the universe, for me.