Fuzzyjayling Manifesto

This is something that has developed on its own over the last 20 years or so.

I believe in science – that there are a lot of things we can reliably observe and experiment to understand and gain concrete knowledge.

I believe in magic – that the universe is not just a clockwork machine, but a living, breathing being that responds to requests posed in the right way.

I believe that magic is imminently manifest – that it’s not something we do and hope for in our minds (or not strictly so), but is actually a real thing that exists in the world alongside us.

I believe that magic and science are not an either/or proposition – that sufficiently advanced technology may, in fact, be a form of magic. I cite highly advanced AIs that exhibit a form of collective intelligence. Science is tapping the knee and getting a kick; magic is asking the person to kick. A sufficiently advanced AI is no longer simply crunching numbers, and is itself capable of magic.

On a physical scale, the universe is not a single block of substance; it is made up of atoms, which make up molecules, which make up aminos and proteins, and so on. And planets with rings that look a great deal like atoms, and solar systems that orbit a nucleus just like an atom. The symmetry of the universe in this way is beatific (in both senses).

On a magic scale, the universe is not a single entity, but is rather made up of many, many consciousnesses. Some of them we can see in front of us clearly (e.g. humans). Some of them we perceive inside. Some we don’t perceive at all, outside of the effects they have as they respond to interactions.

I believe the human brain to be a wondrous organ, a mind-blowingly massive neural network with a nearly uncountable number of connections to the universe around it. Some of those connections are more physically obvious (e.g. eyes). Some are not, like energy patterns (electromagnetic, etc) interacting across the network.

I believe that those many consciousnesses that we don’t directly interact with most of the time can be thought of as (a plurality of names) spirits, kami, manitou, fae, etc. I will just call them Others.

I believe that Others can choose to be born as humans to try to enact change on this physical level more directly. I believe that I’m one of them. We may all be Others taking our turn here.

I believe the universe as we know it is made up of a multi-dimensional layer cake of other realities, and that these other realities might also be touched in the same way as Others.

I believe that it is possible, for some people, to make strong contact with Others and let them visit here to communicate with humanity. We sometimes think of these people as shamans, but that’s just one word.

I believe all things are connected (shouldn’t be a big surprise given the above). All things are sacred.

Together, we are the universe. Together, the universe is God. We are God.