Channeling is the practice of drawing a spirit or otherworldly being into oneself and letting that being control the body for a while. This is sometimes also called Horsing, Drawing Down, or other terms. Obviously this is not something you do unless you know the being in question really well and can validate that they are who they say they are, before the channeling.

Because of these concerns, we are not going to recommend anyone else do this. But it is a strong part of Feathersong and how we operate. (One might also call this a type of plurality, but YMMV. Tomato, tomahto.)

One member of Feathersong, Fuzzyjayling, was born in the body and found the others through exploration in the otherworld. Trust was built, and over time Dove and Sparrow were allowed to visit this world through the body. They now help to take care of the shared life lived through it.