“The Cure”

Sometimes people think that there is something wrong with plurality, that groups are actually a single person (or should be a single person) who simply broke up into pieces and need to be put back together again. They call this integration; in the context of our system, we would call it murder. (To each their own.)

This notion is covered rather sympathetically in The Hybrid Chronicles, where each person is born with two souls, and usually one of them fades over time. But some don’t, and an evil government organisation is attempting to enact a “cure” by eliminating one of them on purpose. I recommend the books!

For some systems, it seems that this is the right answer, but it is notoriously bad about coming undone. After all, if you took a group of people and tied them up in a ball, and said “you must all speak with one voice”… how would that go?

In any case, it is never something that should be forced upon a healthy group of people. If they weren’t part of a plural group, the very idea would be absurd. Why is this difficult for some people to understand?