Plural Advocacy / Activism

We believe there is a real need for change in the world in the way everyone who identifies as plural is treated.

Change will come about from visibility. When what is visible to the mainstream is dysfunction, violent members, and so on… that sells, for sure; but for the most part, it’s not the day to day reality of the situation. The day to day reality is groups of people, cooperatively sharing a body, going about their business… pretending to be one person. Smashing themselves down into what looks more or less like a single coherent identity, fearing for their lives, livelihood, homes, friends, family. When more people understand this, there will be more sympathetic treatment of us.

Another way change will come about is to change the minds of the people who set the mood for the public view of these things: psychiatrists. Right now, almost anyone who admits to being plural will be called DID/MPD. While some people do identify with those terms, many of us would not. There is an implication in the term that plural groups are just fractured singlets, people with an illness that may not be curable. And they can attach a real stigma to your lives, including things like losing your ability to drive.

We are risking our futures by publishing this web site, in the hopes that it will find its way to people who are sympathetic, or people who are closeted and in need of help.

If you don’t believe there can be┬áserious consequences to disclosure, check out this article. It doesn’t go like that for everyone, but the possibility is there.

This must change.