Some links to other stuff we’ve made.

Day in the Life (a fantasy story about plurality)

Plural Magic (plurality as relates to paganism, neo-shamanism, etc)

And of course this site.

Other people’s links.

Healthy Multiplicity (a directory of sites with a focus on non-disordered plurality)

The Layman’s Guide (another introduction to plurality, maybe this appeals to you if ours doesn’t)

Plural Activism (list dedicated to improving attitudes toward plural systems) – also a Major Motion Facebook Page 🙂 [sadly YG is no more, and the maintainers of this group have largely wandered off]

Quandary System (another system’s web site, with some interesting info about plurality and tulpamancy)

Zyfron System (another system’s site, some nice articles on plurality, plus a fun webcomic about that and trans issues)

/r/plural (public sub-Reddit for plurals and their allies)