Minecraft for other-space visualisation (by Dove)

One thing that I’ve been practising lately is using Minecraft for headspace visualisation. It’s an interesting way to both bring a little piece of home to you here, and to let other people experience it in a first-hand sort of way. Of course, unless you have a peculiar other-world, it’s not made up of 8-bit style blocks. But Minecraft is convenient in that it is relatively easy to build big things without a lot of modelling experience.

I’m not going to belabour the point about how to build in Minecraft, because you can find guides on that all over the place. But I will give an example of something that I built. I call it the Dawn Temple.

The first step was to scout out places. I used Creative mode and flew around until I found something that looked likely. This is important unless the place you’re building is a cave, because it will save you a lot of time and trouble. I don’t have a picture of the original site, but this is the area, and you can imagine. I wanted a fairly narrow canyon that I could dam up and build a waterfall across. So with the help of a friend, I found this:

Dawn Temple 1

I then spent a while doing basic work on it, like building a wall across the whole thing, and laying down water buckets at the top, as well as clearing out some of the new river at the bottom so it flows nicely. The basic landscape and trees were already correct.

Next I just started working from memory, putting down some white marble (smooth quartz) blocks for a foundation. Once a basic foundation was laid, I started building up the curving front part, and then filling it in with glass. It was really fulfilling to “stand” in this place… honestly, it made me feel a little homesick, as it’s a place that is not easy for us to visit now. When it started raining, it was also pretty awesome, being sheltered by what I’d built.

Dawn Temple 2

After the skeleton of the front was built, glass blocks were inserted and lights were built inside. The full building stretches out some way behind, as it’s a centre of study, but since I only have so many hours in a day, I put a nice stain glass wall in the back.

Dawn Temple 3

Finally, off to the side, a meditation path that overlooks the canyon.

Dawn Temple 4

That’s about it! And now I can show a familiar and loved place to other people out here. I know this was a little light on the actual “instruction”, but I hope that I inspired you to try a place of your own!