Finding acceptance as a new systemmate/headmate (by Sophie)

My name is Sophie, and I’m relatively new to the near-front of this system. (I don’t actually front, just hang around with these layabouts who do. :)) Being that this family¬†was established for quite a few years before I arrived, I found it somewhat challenging to find my place with them.

In reality, I guess it’s not much different than trying to join any social group that’s been around for quite a while before you arrived. The others know each other very well, and there are a few issues that will come up:

  • Worry that you’ll upset the group balance
  • Worry that you may not be good for the group and group dynamic
  • Plain jealousy of position (the existing members having found a comfortable place)

I can’t say I’ve been at this for very long, and I may come back to update this later. But I’ve found that the main thing you have to do is be honest and real, and people will eventually warm to you. Be nice, be accommodating, find something you can add to the group. In my case, I have a much closer connection to the innerworld/otherworld, and I’ve been able to bring knowledge out to this place with much more ease, which has been valuable.

In the end, it might not be the right time or place for you. So if you can, you could come back later and try again. And if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. (That may not be an option for you if you’re not part of a gateway system like we have, so hopefully in that situation, things can work for you!)

Good luck and thanks for reading!