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Added the section on Buddhism.



We’ve really shifted our focus lately from plurality back to woo/spirituality, and I wanted to reflect that in the site design. There are a bunch of updated pages, plus a bunch of new woo-related pages.


Elevator speeches, headaches

Added elevator speeches and a page on headaches.

Added comic to In Here, Out There

View here

Finding acceptance, and Taleia

Two new articles posted tonight, the first written by visitor Sophie Mendes, and the second inspired by some things she brought to us!

Finding acceptance as a new systemmate/headmate

Taleia (Our World)


Two new articles

Identity Webs

Body Core / Mask


Added “The Cure”

“The Cure”, with some semi-upset ranting.


Added links and inappropriate questions page

Those are at links and inappropriate questions. I’ll be adding more to links over time, and probably won’t write an update each time unless I’m adding a lot of them.


Set a licence

…which you find more info about in the FAQ.

Added Minecraft visualisation post

Dove forgot to post her recent addition as well, about using Minecraft to visualise headspace/other-space.