Us (Feathersong)

We are three women who have an interest in living our lives to the fullest, doing some fun things, meeting some fun people. The same thing any of you would want.

Where did “Feathersong” come from?

Birds and feathers have been with us for a long time.

We started out with “The Feathers”. When Fuzzy Jayling chose her LiveJournal name, it had “feathers” in it. Of course, the first time she needed a “real name” for a web site, she chose Feathers as a family name. The others simply followed suit, using Feathers as their family name as well. Thus it really is more like a family name for us, like “The Joneses” or “The Smiths”. Either way, it describes us and who we are concisely enough.

This eventually morphed into Feathersong. It’s like “The Feathers” but with Song, which is a whole other spiritual concept for us that is beyond the scope of a simple introduction. 🙂