Taleia (Our World)

Our innerworld/other-space is called Taleia. It is a word meaning something like “sky, land, sea”, a sort of gestalt of the place.

The language most commonly spoken in Taleia is “kalamaki”. However, as the sole native of Earth in the system, not Taleia, I can say with some certainty that some sort of auto-translation works: if I visit there, I can hear and speak English with no problems. The others also end up speaking English here, though we can occasionally pull across direct names and words. (We have theories about this… time for another plurality article! :))

Taleia is a large place, filled with an unknown number of people, ranging into the thousands. We don’t know most of them and they don’t know us, so we’ve never spoken to them. But they are there.

There are a few places and a few people with whom we have visited and spoken, respectively, that I can list out here.

The largest city is called Calafae. It is vaguely circular, featuring a mix of “upgraded Medieval” architecture (cobblestone and wood, several floors high), and something more fanciful (fae lamps and organic mirror-esque towers like a sculpted version of Earth’s glass skyscrapers). It featured in this story (of these stories). Some of the places in those stories, such as the Market, are not real, to my knowledge. But Calafae is a real place, as is the apartment described in the story. Most of the known inhabitants of Taleia are in Calafae.

There is a playground, where lives The Oracle, who appears as a child. But she is wise in the ways of that world, and just kinda wise in general. We occasionally ask her for advice.

The Twilight Plains are like a grey playa, with mountains in the distance. The plains themselves are not traversable. I’ve never been entirely clear about what would happen if you tried, but I gather that it’s bad. There is a Stonehenge replica in the centre that is a safe place, where a healer named Wolf lives.

There is a circular village called, appropriately, Circle Village. The mayor of that town is a seer who can cause people to speak the truth.

There is rather a lot of wilderness in Taleia. Mountains, plains, lonely places to just go and be, if that’s what one needs. In the part that we know, there is a great ocean to the south. It’s unknown what is over it, at this time.

That is not a complete picture of Taleia, but it will give you an idea, maybe.