One world: fertile land, deep blue sea, crystal clean air; a city blending old and new; temples, deserts, tropical islands. Innumerable people of all shapes and colors who call it home.

Another world: such wonder, and such tribulations. Beauty in spades, but overpopulation, pollution, global warming out of control, and a populace of billions who seem less than interested in fixing it.

At the intersection of these two worlds is Feathersong. The first world we call Taleia; the second, you might guess, is Earth.

And who are we? We stand between the worlds, trying our best to heal, to educate, to help where we can.

We have been called many things.




Artists, writers, coders.

We would be delighted to be a part of your journey toward higher awareness. Because we believe that, until all things are seen as sacred, as they really are, the Earth is in serious danger.